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[諧趣英文]                              Today's Tip  今日之獎/講


                                                                      文:董更懂 圖:陳聖博


A clown in brown was chased by a hound.  He bounded round a mount and over a mound.  At last he came to town but lost his gown.  There he walked on as the road wound.  Suddenly a sound came and his back got a pound.  He fell down and found a crown.  The crown was safe and sound on the ground.  But he frowned because he could not wear it and it was not enough to buy a gown.

中譯 ㄧ個穿棕色衣服的小丑被隻獵狗追。他繞著山蹦跳,又跳過小土堆。最後他到城裡來,可是丟了外袍。在那裡,隨著路紆迴蜿蜒,他繼續走。突然間,來了個聲響而他的背就遭到碰撞。他倒下來而看到ㄧ個王冠銀幣,那個王冠銀幣在地上安安好好的。可是他卻皺眉頭,因為他不能戴它,它又不夠買衣袍


1. 這段敘述中,所有英文字裡的 ouow 均與 now 同韻。

2. bind, bound, bound:綁。 bound, bounded, bounded:蹦跳 (= leap)、彈跳     (= bounce)

3. mount:山 (= 大山 mountain 小山 hill ) mound:小土推、土墩、塚。

4. wind, wound, wound:紆迴、蜿蜒。與 find, found, found 同韻。 可是 wound, wounded, wounded:受傷。此 ou /u/

5. pound:重擊、碰撞 (而發出砰的聲音) safe and sound: 安全完好的。

6. crown:王冠 (印有王冠之) 五先令銀幣。小丑倒下看到的 crown 是王冠銀幣,所以不能戴。

7. frown:鎖眉 (= contract ones brows) 以表不悅或憂戚